Friday, March 4, 2011

Wholesale Shop Fittings/Mannequins/Rails, etc.

I found this and thought it may be something worth thinking about, maybe get together and make a joint order for those that'd be interested. They won't sell just one or two items to private buyers, but if it was, say 10 mannequins, a box of hangers, a couple of display racks and 5 rails or whatever as a class, then it might be a fairly reasonable/cost effective option. Obviously they won't be great for everyone, but there could be enough people to make it worthwhile. Hope it helps.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Illustrator refresher

I typed stuff up as we were being taught the other day. Thought I would share it. Hope it helps!

Pages = art boards
Vectors= no resolution = scale as big as you wasn’t
Outside page= paste boards
Inside page only what included in printed document

Drawing Tool

Lines can have both stokes and fills

Laser cutter = uniform line type only .> can’t use varied line thickness like in graphics tablet

Laser cutter = round brush is best/ Give you uniform line width. 
If you are doing laser cutter engraving it can be any line type you want. Only if it is a cut do you have to choose uniform only.

Graphics tablet – for pressure settings must set maximum and minimum widths

In a vector programme you can edit lines to make changes to them

Up the spine of your line anchors appear. These will move your whole line not adjust them.

You need to use the direct selection tool ( hot key v) to edit lines. 2nd one down
Click> Click& Drag to change shape of lines.

[ hot key Z - zoom – hold down alt for minus. }

TO ADD A POINT  (hot key +)           

Have lines selected so it has spine. Go to pen tool .> press and hold> in sub menu go to add anchor point tool. > using direct selection tool you can then adjust your path.

[ Hot key= double click on hand tool and it will zoom out to full page]

PEN TOOL ( hot key p)

Lick and drag = curves

Go back to selection tool (v) and you can then edit line type/ thickness/ colour etc

Adjustment Points – not the next point you are joining up.

Rotating a shape around a point

Draw line> select with selection tool> select rotate tool> hold alt + click point where you want to rotate shape around > will ask for angle > click copy> click cmd +d to duplicate copying shape

If you just click ok, it will only rotate the shape and will not duplicate

Clipping Masks

[Copy hot keys Alt + Drag = fast copy]

Go to shape tool ( for example use rectangle tool)
If the shape has a fill go to toolbar and select the white one with  a red line though it.
Select all (cmd+a)
Right click on the box you drew > select create clipping mask> this deletes everything out with the rectangle drawn

Converting Hand Drawings or other images into vecors for cutting or engraving

Bring image into illustrator >File> Place high contrast image into illustrator document.
Your page size must be the size of material you wish to engrave/ cut onto

Select the image so there is a blue line around it >
Object> live trace > live trace tracing options > click preview box( if preview is unavailable it’s because your image is not selected) > change preset to a new setting> Play with threshold until image is what you want

·         For laser cutting use technical drawing- puts black outline around shape. Will not give engraving will only give and outline of your shape.
·         For laser engraving use black and white

When shape has regenerate you must click expand. This is in the tool bar at the top. This will give you a vector line.

If you want to colour in a live trace path- object > path > join
Need a higher threshold  (more points) other wise it will join up badly

0.025 line width for laser engraving or laser cutting  - When you go to laser cutter you have to import the file into Corel Draw you must select hairline in this programme.

Vector Engraving – in Illustrator

Go to object > Ungroup – this will make each vector individually editable – for example you could on a grid fill each square with a different colour to get a pattern of different engraved depths
Get rid of background by selecting all (cmd+a) and deleting the background vector path
Make sure image is resized in order to fit onto page


Import into corel draw as an eps file

Image needs to be coloured. Each colour represents a different value on the laser cutter (different engrave depths)

Vector cuts or vector engraves you must ensure outline is a hairline and any colour are the RGB black

Do not set your colours until you are at the laser computer as the colour values will not correspond to the computers in the media labs.

0.025 line width for laser engraving or laser cutting  - When you go to laser cutter you have to import the file into Corel Draw you must select hairline in this programme.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

So last week we decided we will split all fundraising money that has been made so far and start a fresh with new and exciting fundraising plans.

Fist date for the diary is Tuesday 8th March for RAGS TO RICHES opening/let's stuff our pancake faces with food and wine night! The RTR will be open Tuesday night as well as during the day Wed and Thur.

We need baked good/savory delights/clothes...can we beg, borrow, steal, acquire what we can as soon as possible to get good and prepared to sell lots of goodies at the event!?! Also we must get some posters up this week to advertise and get bellies rumbling :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hi all!
It was wonderful to see enthusiasm and have input for making our degree show exceptional! For those of you who couldn't make it, we basically each wrote down things we like/don't like about the current degree show and the general consensus is as follows:

- In your own space your work is individual/it is clear whose work is whose
- Less confusing
- Can display large amount of work
- Clear definition of work
- Everyone gets designated space

- People are likely to miss work because of disjointed set-up
- Dark, Cramped
- No Flow
- No actual textile clarification - people don't realize what department is being displayed
- Lack of personality
- Split up

We have spoken to Frances regarding this meeting and will hopefully have a meeting soon to address the key issue which was whether or not we could have the degree show in an alternative area this year as opposed to the general course studios.

If there are any more suggestions, post them on the blog!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Someone was talking about using unusual materials to dye things; perhaps this website can be of use:

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hi all!
MEETING NEXT TUESDAY (FEB 8TH) to discuss vital degree show info!!
13:00 in either room 400 or the studio, bring your lunch!
First half will be for general class discussion and second half will be about fundraising so it would be brilliant if we could have as many people attend!
Obvs post note on door and FB, but spread the word!